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  1. Share 10 things you love and 10 you hate
  2. Nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same

T h i n g s  I  L o v e

  1. My kids! Aria and Cason are my world! I would be lost without them in my life.
  2. Stormy weather! I love the sound of thunder rolling in… Especially when it’s night time and I’m getting ready for bed.
  3. Getting little notes of love and encouragement from my Jamsisters ❤
  4. Crocheting! I love creating things with my own two hands for myself and the kids.
  5. Mint Chocolate ANYTHING just about. Seriously, I love the person who came up with that idea!
  6. When my little girl asks me to hold her hand for absolutely no reason other than wanting to be close to me.
  7. Owl EVERYTHING… I have owl measuring spoons, salt shakers, blankets, candle holders, just about anything that comes in an owl design… I have it… I’m obsessed!
  8. My job! I get to stay at home with my kids, and still earn an income, while covered in only god knows what because of my kids.
  9. Black and white photographs. I’ve always loved the elegant look of them.
  10. That very first sip of coffee in the morning. There is something magical about it!

T h i n g s  I  H a t e

  1. When I hold the door open for someone and they do not say “Thank You”
  2. That Dairy Queen no longer has Mint Chocolate Chip Blizzards!
  3. Being an absolute klutz… I run into more walls, and trip over my own two feet, more than anyone I’ve ever met in my life!!!
  4. Nail Polish. I absolutely HATE nail polish with a passion!
  5. Running out of yarn, in the color I’m using, when I’m crocheting something… Especially when I’m on the LAST row!!!
  6. When people act like they are better than you… Seriously? No… Just no.
  7. Forgetting what I’m looking for or doing because someone ask me a question. I honestly don’t think it’s normal to be as forgetful as I am…
  8. When an eyelash gets in my eye and I can’t get it out!!!
  9. Waiting on the new season, of a show I love, only to get news that it’s been CANCELED.
  10. When I can’t find my favorite pair of sweatpants! I’d live in sweat pants all day/every day if I could!

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  10. I’m leaving number ten as an open invite for anyone who wants to join it! Feel free to say I tagged you if you want to 🙂 I think this is SUPER FUN! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s!

JamAzing News – As Seen On TV! – Deal or No Deal!

I don’t know about you, but as an Independent Consultant, I LOVEEEEEE seeing news segments on Jamberry!

Let’s face it, I could tell you ALL DAY LONG how amazing they are, BECAUSE THEY ARE, but of course there is always someone thinking in the back of their mind “She’s just saying that because she has too…”, or my personal favorite, “She’s just trying to make a quick buck…”

For the record, I do this because I love the products and I love the company! I do this because it’s something that I ENJOY doing.

Is it nice to make money? Yes.

Would I still do it if I didn’t get paid? ABSOLUTELY! 

Honestly, I could probably give you 20+ reasons why I love being a consultant that have nothing to do with money… I sense another blog post brewing… 🙂

Anyways, before I get wayyyyy off topic, I came across this little segment, from a Texas news station last night, and really wanted to share it with you!

Watch Here: As Seen On TV – Jamberry Nail Wraps

Did that one not convince you how awesome Jamberry is?

Good thing I have ANOTHER segments from a different news station! It’s a little older and features our older style heater, BUT it still makes it’s point.

What point was that? That Jamberry Nails are AMAZING!!!

Watch Here : Deal or No Deal – Jamberry Nails

Amazing right!

Want to try these beauties for yourself?

Visit my site —>HERE<— and browse 300+ designs!

Have questions on anything you see?

Send me an email!



Jamberry Myths BUSTED!

Today I wanted to address some of the CRAZY myths surrounding becoming a Jamberry consultant! Instead of writing an epic novel about it, I decided to film it!

Yes, I filmed it… So please enjoy all of my awkward facial expressions, slight country twang, my crazy hand waving, and funny voice changes I do though-out this entire video!

Seriously… Some of the faces I make are quiet hilarious!

Myth One – “I don’t know enough people to sell to, so I won’t make any money…”

Myth Two – “I’m a terrible sales person, so I can’t sell Jamberry!”

Myth Three – “I don’t have the time to be a Jamberry Consultant.”


Watch Now on Youtube: Jamberry Mythbusters

Come on… Be honest! You laughed at my craziness at least once! I know you did! Just admit it!!!

So tell me, did I debunk some of the “CRAZY BONKERS” myths you’ve heard?

Are there some other crazy myths you’d like to hear me bust?

Let me know in the comments below!


Did you just stumble across my video and want to join my amazing team? Just visit my website and click the “Join” tab!


Have any questions about Jamberry, Hosting a party, Or becoming an Independent Consultant yourself? EMAIL ME!


April is for Autism!



I’m so excited and I just can not hide it!

As some of you already know, Jamberry is a company that likes to give back!

In honor of April being Autism Awareness month,  I decided I wanted to give back as well!

FOR EVERY PURCHASE of our Autism awareness wraps, I will donate 100% of my commission from that sale on top of what Jamberry already donates!

Ready for some more exciting news?!

Jamberry launched two NEW Autism Awareness wraps this year!


Regular Size


Junior Size

They  are so adorable! (At least that’s what I think!)

I just ordered mine and can not wait to show you how they look on!

Not a fan of that design?

We still have our original Autism Awareness wraps available!

Regular Size

Regular Size

Junior Size

Junior Size

Want to get involved as well?

Contact me about hosting an Autism Awareness Jamberry Party!

You just invite your friends and I do all the work!


Ready to show your support and order one (or more) of these amazing wraps?

Just click >>>HERE<<< to shop our Commitment to Charity wraps!

Want to host an online Autism Awareness Facebook party?

Just click >>>HERE<<< to schedule your party!

(Make sure to write Autism Awareness in the comments when scheduling!)


Book A Party – Earn Free Stuff!

Okay, seriously. Who doesn’t love FREE stuff?!

I know I do!


Do you see the beautiful wraps above? You could earn one or even ALL of them by simply hosting a Facebook party with me.

This is how the hostess rewards work.


Once your party reaches $100 in sales, you start earning rewards.

The more party sales, the more FREE and half-off items you get!

Its that simple. You invite your friends and I do all the work!


We play games, I give away prizes and samples, I talk about the products and company, and you have fun with your friends all while earning FREE products!

So who would like to be my next party hostess?!

Click >>> Here <<< to request a party!



I’m so so soooooooooooo EXCITED about the new Spring | Summer catalog that launches today!

Here’s a little sneek peek!


Design is named Mermaid Tales


Design is named Edgy

Cute right?! Well Guess what? There are 125 NEW designs being added to the site TODAY!

Not to mention all the new lacquers and hand care products!

16480364708_76e586b2fa_o 16667947605_a46f5e3603_o16666565231_4975618802_o

Don’t forget! Most of the new nail wraps are Buy 3 Get 1 FREE


Want to browse the catalog or shop?

>>> CLICK HERE <<<